Introducing Superlocal
Earn crypto when you go places and check in

Superlocal is a social network that lets you earn crypto and NFTs when you go places. You check in, submit your post, and earn real rewards.

Mint a Localtrotter to get early access and each Localtrotter held increases your $LOCAL airdrop.

Mint Your Localtrotter
0.04ETH to mint — 3 per transaction
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Pioneering Play-to-Earn Social

How the App Works

Take a photo and check in.
Open Superlocal, snap a photo, and tag the location.
Submit your photo.
Your friends see your check in and the photo goes into a queue.
Earn LOCAL tokens.
If your checkin has a good photo, you earn $LOCAL!
Superlocal is backed by the best
Why Localtrotters?

Localtrotters Have Utility

Early Access to Superlocal.
You get early access to the live app and to mint Mayorship NFTs. Start playing today.
Bonus $LOCAL tokens.
You will earn 5% more tokens checkins and you also earn more $LOCAL airdrop for each Localtrotter you hold.
Verified Badge.
You'll have a verified badge on your profile for being a Localtrotter holder.
You only need to hold your Localtrotter NFT to get access to Superlocal.
Once you're in, you're free to sell it, but you lose all of the benefits and perks.
Get Your Localtrotter NFT

Minting Timeline

Early Access Pass Minting
People who hold an Early Access Pass NFT are allowed to mint before anyone else, for free, as a thank you for their early support. Only 1 is allowed to be minted per early access pass held.
Pre-Sale Minting
People who hold an Early Access Pass NFT or were added to the pre-sale list are allowed to mint. Minted during this for 0.02ETH each, with a limit of 10 per wallet.
Public Minting
Live: May 15, 2022
Anyone can mint a Localtrotter NFT! Minting is be 0.04TH, with a limit of 3 per transaction.
Earn passive LOCAL tokens when people check in at the places you've collected Mayorship NFTs...

Get early access to mint Mayorship NFTs. Here's what Mayorships are:

1. Collect 1 of 1 real world places.
Your city, your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, and beyond can be minted!
2. Earn passive $LOCAL tokens.
When other people make approved checkins at the places you hold, you earn $LOCAL. You earn passive royalties.
3. Sell your Mayorships.
You're free to see your Mayorship NFTs on OpenSea or any other marketplace!
Why Now
Every time there is a paradigm shift in technology, a new multi-$100 billion major social network is born. Web2 created Facebook. Mobile created Instagram. Web3 is creating Superlocal.

We're building the multi-$100 billion social network being born out of web3 by pioneering play-to-earn social networking.
The Competition
If a person is earning for participating on Superlocal, why would they still want to use another network where they're not earning? Big current players have also shown how difficult it will be for them to catch up once a play-to-earn social network takes off. For example, Facebook tried to launch their own cryptocurrency, Diem, and eventually gave up because of regulatory scrutinty over their company as a whole.
Every major social network is now focused on news, influencers, and entertainment. Through us, people now have a way to have fun and get rewarded for staying connected with friends and the world around them.

Superlocal is part friend graph, part local graph. People post to share where they’re at and to document their lives for themselves — and we’ve designed our product to give people a better sense of community and belonging as they post.

Getting access to Superlocal

Meet the Localtrotters

Localtrotters are a profile picture NFT collection. We created Localtrotters to be more than a way for you to get early access, a verified badge, and bonus tokens—but also as a way to express yourself on Twitter or any other social app. When a Localtrotter is your profile picture, people know you love exploring locally and when you travel!

12,000 Localtrotter NFTs were created.
Early Access Pass NFT

Early Access Pass NFTs were a limited edition 6,900 NFT collection. By holding an Early Access Pass, you get between a 10% to 20% token bonus on all your approved checkins. Additionally, you get a verified badge on your profile on Superlocal.

6,900 Early Access Pass NFTs were created. They are now only available on OpenSea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Send any questions on Discord or Twitter
How do I download Superlocal?
To download Superlocal while it's only available on TestFlight, you need to follow this link. We will update download links when Superlocal is on the App Store.
Can I sell my Superlocal NFTs?
Yes! You're more than welcome to sell your Early Access Pass NFT or Localtrotter NFT. You will not lose access to Superlocal after you sell it, however you will lose perks such as token bonuses and your verified badge.
Do I have to hold NFTs to join Superlocal?
Yes, for early access and sunrise phase of our launch you most hold a Superlocal NFT. However, once our launch enters landrush phase people can join with an invite from someone who already has access to Superlocal too. You can learn more about the launch phases here.
Why is there early access and a pre-sale list?
We have a pre-sale list so that we monitor early traffic spikes and make sure the launch of Superlocal goes smoothly. It's not meant to be a thing that reduces inclusivity, but rather a tool for us to make sure everything is scaling fine.
What are the sales of NFTs being used for?
The sales of Superlocal NFTs are used for general operations. This means growing our team, building an Android app as quickly as possible
How much is it to mint a Mayorship NFT?
Mayorship NFT minting changes based on the phase of Superlocal's launch.

It is 0.07ETH to mint Mayorship NFTs.
Who is behind the creation of Superlocal?
Superlocal is built by a small, but growing team (join us!) based in Venice, California. The team is led by Alex Kehr.

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